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Discover the story of GFI

Discover the story of GFI

About us

Climate change and environmental degradation constitute two of the most pressing challenges of our time, posing serious risks to Pakistan with direct impact on livelihoods, economy, and wellbeing. These risks have already materialized and likely to grow in future. Issues like water scarcity, air quality, and waste management have significantly impacted Pakistan's landscape, making it one of the top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate risks, according to the Climate Risk Index. At Karandaaz, we recognize the urgent need to address these challenges by developing local capacity for innovation and the scaling of existing technologies to tackle climate change challenges.

Our Impact

PKR 305 million committed

9 innovative green solutions supported

Our Purpose

Karandaaz is committed to broadening the spectrum of technologically driven solutions and players engaged in promoting green economy and combating climate change in Pakistan. To this end, Karandaaz Green was established to provide finance and advance private sector contribution to the national climate agenda. This portfolio includes largescale investments in the energy sector and GreenFin Innovations, a programme that will exclusively support piloting and scaling of innovative solutions to climate change challenges.

Karandaaz GreenFin Innovations provides concessional growth capital for innovative solutions that target climate change vulnerabilities, encompassing both mitigation and adaptation efforts. In climate focused innovations we look for climate impact, technical quality, commercial viability, and long-term sustainability.

Evolving from the Green Challenge Fund (GCF) launched in 2022, Karandaaz GreenFin Innovations has now been institutionalized with its distinct brand name. Applications are welcomed throughout the year, reflecting our ongoing commitment to driving impactful solutions and promoting sustainability.

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