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Excited to make an impact? Carefully review and filll out the application in full. Our team reviews applications on a month-to-month basis and will be in touch regarding next steps.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The business must be domiciled in Pakistan and should be a registered entity with a valid National Tax Number (NTN), and operating under applicable laws of Pakistan.
  • The business or proposed solution must address climate change issues in adaptation, mitigation, or cross cutting thematic areas.
  • The business or proposed solution must contribute to at least one International Climate Finance (ICF) result, as defined by the ICF Key Performance Indicators.

Detailed methodologies for these KPIs are available here.

    1. Basic Business Information

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    3. Type of entity/organization *

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    4. Is your company registered? If yes please specify the legal status. *

    5. NTN Number *

    Note: Having an NTN number is a requirement for eligibility.

    6. When did you start your business? *

    Please specify the month and year.

    7. Where is your business located? *

    If you operate in multiple cities, please provide the location of the head office.

    8. Name of owner(s)/Shareholder(s) and percentage of shareholding? *

    9. What is the primary industry your business operates in? *

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    2. Team and Contact Information

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    3. About the Product/Solution

    16. Provide a detailed description of your product or solution, including its features, functionality, and the specific problem it aims to address. *

    17. How does your product or solution address climate change challenges and/or promotes environmental sustainability? *

    18. Please specify whether the solution addresses climate change mitigation, adaptation or both. *

    Mitigation: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing their impact on climate change

    Adaption: Helping communities and ecosystems adapt to the impacts of climate change

    19. Who are the primary customers and target audience for your product or solution? *

    Please provide information regarding your customers, whether they are individuals or institutions, demographics and geographic location.

    20. At what stage is your product or solution? *

    4. Financial Information

    21. Please provide your revenue figures for the last 3 years? *

    22. Is the business profitable? *

    23. If you answered "Yes" please provide the annual profit for the last three years. If you answered "no", please provide the annual loss for the last three years. *

    5. Financing Request and Growth Plan

    24. How much financing (in PKR) are you seeking from Karandaaz? *

    25. How will you utilize capital raised from Karandaaz to implement your solution and grow your business? *

    If you chose "Other", please specify

    26. Has your business previously received grants or funding support? If yes, please specify the source and the timeframe of funding. If no, please indicate "Not Applicable”. *

    27. How did you hear about our program? *

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    28. Please provide your financial statement for the last fiscal year

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